Lawton Fort Sill Workforce Summary

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Total Population
Comanche County has 114,437 residents. The Lawton Metropolitan Area labor market has total population of 290,347.

The total employable population for the Lawton Metropolitan Area is 110,680.  A list of the major employers in the community can be found here.
US Dept. of Labor:  Employment and Wage Estimates

Unemployment Rate
Lawton's unemployment rate has ranged between 3.4and 3.2 over the last year. The current unemployment rate 3.2%

Educational Attainment
U.S. Census¹ data indicates 81% of Lawton's workforce have completed high school compared to the national average of 75%. In addition, 23% of the workforce has a bachelors degree compared to the national average of 13%.

Exiting Military Personnel
Not included in conventional labor availability demographics is a highly trained and readily available workforce in exiting military personnel, many of whom would choose to stay in the Lawton area if jobs were available. Exiting military personnel statistics for a six month period are as follows:
  Retiring 226
  Expiration of Term 362
  Total leaving the service 588

Military Spouses
Also unique to the Lawton-Ft. Sill community and not included in traditional labor statistics is the labor force represented by military spouses. Many of these spouses are highly desirable as potential employees and are eager to join the work force. At any given time, there are approximately 7,500 families in Lawton-Ft. Sill.


Research conducted by The University of Oklahoma, Center for Economic Research and Management Research, indicates that there are almost 16,682 individuals in Comanche County alone that are underemployed. These workers are not included in labor availability demographics as they are gainfully employed although at a lesser income that their skill levels could demand.

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